About us

So what is this.. Paúw?

‘Pauw’ (say: pow) is the Dutch word for peacock. A peacock wants to be seen, but for it to be seen. It needs to show its feathers which is what we do for our clients. Showing of their best features to the world in order to attract audiences.
 We’re the leading digital marketing agency in the music and Entertainment industry. Combining the creativity found in the music with the tech savviness from the E-Commerce is what ‘s giving us a unique approach to an industry not necessarily known for being the fastest in adapting to technological progress. We find new potential fans for our clients in audiences they didn’t even know exist and give them the interpreted data to engage in potential brand partnerships with sports brands, fashion brands and game developers. We put the emphasis on data because even though it’s trendy to say that ‘Content is King’ we like to add something to it: “Distribution is the Queen” and she wears the pants in this relationship”

Music Veterans

With founders being signed artists themselves, we know the artist side of the industry and how it moves, what’s important and how to strategize


We’re operating in a beautiful industry that doesn’t work from 9 to 5. Sometimes things can’t “wait till monday”. We get things done when it matters.

Data Driven

Even though we’re the bunch of nerds going hard on data and results, we know how to interpret it to something understandable for our creative clients



(And she wears the pants in this relationship)

Could you sell a Ferrari to any lover of automobiles?
It doesn’t matter how good your song is. How unique your event is.
If you’re not able to to deliver it right on target, you’ll be shooting blanks hoping for a lucky shot.

Meet our creative nerds

We take pride in recruiting the right people

Noah Smits
Managing Director

Sam van Ewijk
Project Manager

Anniek Verloop
Online Marketeer

Robin Vos
Stagiaire Online Marketing


Happy to serve some of the most beautiful companies out there


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