Exploring cultural diferences

For Afrojack’s single ‘Back To Life’ we launched a worldwide advertising campaign on social media to generate traffic towards Spotify or other relevant DSP’s.

The cool thing about campaigning worldwide is that we have to find the cultural differences in something universal as, in this case, Dance Music. An Asian person into dance music isn’t necessarily showing the same online behavioral patterns as a dance music lover in Scandinavia.
We mapped all these sub-campaigns targeted at different territories with all their own ‘local’ equivalents of interests with a total budget of €4.500 for 10 days of advertising.

We generated 333.091 clicks to DSP’s and saw a staggering 1.409.438 engagements on the content we were pushing. That’s an average of €0,01 per click (!) and €0,003 per engagement.
Needless to say, we ‘caught’ all these people showing engagement, ready to be re-targeted in next advertising campaigns.

How we did it? An intensive daily monitoring and optimization process by filtering out interests, keywords, provinces/regions, demographics and content that wouldn’t get us the results desired.

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