Be Yourself Music

Funneling for playlist followers

Streams are today’s currency in the music industry and having playlists with good following can be a business model on its own.

Be Yourself is one of the leading dance music labels with lots of sublabels of well-known DJ’s that are part of their family. Their desire was to generate traffic towards their original branded Spotify playlists.

We’ve segmented all engagement from different subgenres that Be Yourself is working with and targeted them with content that made them visit a landing page on which a Facebook pixel fired.
Thanks to this pixel, that told us who showed interest in the playlist, we could target these people with another landing page with a big ‘Follow Playlist’ button.

Because we made the audiences warm before asking them to do something for us, we saw higher conversion rates and more bang for the bucks invested in the campaigns.
These constructions and funnels are everyday business in ecommerce and we’re introducing them in the music industry.

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