Creative thinking for ticketsales

For Dutch rapper ‘Boef’ we helped selling tickets for his entire tour and this campaign taught us to take a look at ourselves for inspiration.

For every city in the tour we targeted new audiences with interests, re-targeted warm audiences and also lookalike audiences. We did a good job in which we mainly focused on a young audience, which were known to be his fans.

When we visited his first show, we saw a much younger audience than we expected, and they all had one of their parents with them. Which made sense, because they were too young to go on their own.
Because of this simple fact, we started targeting middle aged people. We wanted to target the parents who clearly were buying the tickets and this approach worked.

But it gets better..

We thought of our own online behavior when we were kids and what did we do when we weren’t old enough to sign up for something? We chose a random year of birth which made us 59 years old or 88 or any other age clearly old enough to sign up.
When we changed the targeting to 65+, engagement and tickets were skyrocketing and shows sold out…!!
That’s where the creativity comes to play in digital marketing!

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