228K Plays with €300 budget

Social Proof is a wonderful thing and that’s exactly what we create for lots of YouTube music videos and the one we did for ‘On Lock’ by the Dutch artist ‘F1rstman’ was our best one to date. The video was doing okay by itself, but management needed us to really hit the gas pedal after a few days.

We did heavy research about multiple types of audiences and territories that worked for F1rstman by looking and ‘reading’ his social channels and previous music videos.
When we came up with a list of territories, interests, audiences and online behavior, we targeted these people with th music video, resulting in over 228.000 plays within days after release.

And we did that with not even €300 advertising budget.

The average cost per play was €0,0009 while a that same play generates €0,0008 revenue. That’s practically break-even! So the €300 will return in their pockets but with 228.000 plays extra on the video.

The best part? After the video had such numbers up there, social proof kicked in and all of the sudden people were playing the video like crazy!

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