In Gold We Trust

Finding territories to conquer

Fashion brand ‘In Gold We Trust’ is doing more than fine. It’s already becoming a household name with the biggest artists sporting their clothing. But we wanted to help them expand globally.

They gave us a huge list of worldwide addresses of decision makers in their industry, important fashion stores and magazines. They realize that there are companies in key territories who are calling the shots when entering their market.
We created digital fences around these offices and stores and bombarded them with content to see who would react to In Gold We Trust. What we came up with was a list of addresses/companies they really should connect with because we saw these companies showing major interest in the brand!

Also, we tested multiple audiences for In Gold We Trust. While they’re sponsoring a lot of Urban artists, we wanted to find new industries where they could do the same trick and the results were surprising. People having affinity with 3 other major industries were showing huge interest in the fashion brand and the next campaigns are focused on digging deeper in these audiences. Audiences they weren’t even aware of. That’s the beauty of testing audiences and mining data we interpret into knowledge.

Our clients invest in knowledge, not just advertising.

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