Breakthrough in foreign territories

Controversial rapper ‘Jebroer’ his big breakthrough in the Netherlands came when churches started demonstrating against him and his ‘Child of the Devil’ song.

When he wanted to expand his success to German speaking countries, we researched where to find bible belts, religious communities and big churches in these countries. We ended up with a big list of addresses.
Also, we researched interests and keywords that people used in these areas. We found out that there actually were religious celebrities with huge audiences to target if we wanted to be visible in these key territories.

We made digital fences around these churches and communities and bombarded them with a German spoken (fake) news item that “The Dutch rapper singing about children of the devil is coming to Germany!!” What happened next? A lot of engagement on this video coming from people ‘demonstrating’ against it.

But we all know how social media works right?

Because of all that negative engagement, other people (who were into hard dance music) saw the video as well and absolutely went nuts. And now in a positive way.
Fast forward a couple months and his German songs generated big streaming numbers and shows in Germany, Austria and Switzerland sold out in no time!

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