Jef Martens

From 0 to 10.000.000 in 8 weeks

The Flemish Jef is known for the insane hits he had being ‘Basto’, ‘Lasgo’ and ‘Lazy Jay’ but fun fact is, that he plays classical piano ever since he was a 3-year-old little boy.

Jef called us and had a cool idea: Releasing an EP every two weeks for 5 months straight for his new classical music project ‘Jef Martens’ with a 10-day advertising campaign for each of them. This basically meant that we would be advertising for him, nonstop. For 5 months.

He had 0 streams and wanted growth, as fast as possible. In order to help Jef with this goal, we came up with multiple audiences to test and the best scoring one was the ‘Entrepreneurs’ Audience. (You know… entrepreneurs need their focus music..)
With each campaign we optimized territories, audiences, interests, ad placements and all parameters we could think of to attract as much engagement as possible. Then we read out the engagement to understand the people behind it and scaled up the campaigns.

8 Weeks into the partnership.. 10.000.000 Spotify streams.

We’re not saying that it was all us, in fact.. we tell Jef we’re just supporting him and tell him where to aim with the advertising campaigns but it is now that we’re using certain regions around the globe for various goals. We know Asia will deliver us the streams, while the Middle East will grow his social following. The power behind good digital marketing and data.

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