Pushing mainstream audiences

Dutch superstar rapper ‘Snelle’ has been making waves very quickly and we started working with his team late 2018 when he was becoming a well-known artist in the hiphop scene.

We did, and are doing, the whole package with Snelle. From Social Management to YouTube advertising to social campaigns for his concerts but it was creating the bridge from hiphop to mainstream audiences that did the trick for us.

When his team strategically put out more mainstream singles, we started to test mainstream audiences to see who would react to his music, apart from the hiphop fans.
We targeted mainstream pop singers, well-known Dutch TV- and radio shows, newspapers, magazines and everything we could think of to create a targeting that basically consisted of the little brothers/sisters and parents of the already listening hiphop fans.

And boy did that work..

We saw major engagement on Snelle related content, and we caught that engagement, read out that engagement, ‘cloned’ the people who showed that engagement and chased these lookalikes across the internet to push that same Snelle related content to.

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